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Chiropody: How Does it Work?


Introduction to Chiropody Chiropody involves the assessment and management of chronic or acute foot and lower limb disorders.  It includes the assessment and treatment of injuries and local manifestations of systemic conditions.  Chiropody treatment includes cutting and trimming of toenails, removal of ingrown toenails, removal of corns, callouses, warts and provides treatment for athlete’s foot,

Online Chiropractic Degree: Who is Eligible?

Online Chiropractic Degree

How Does an Online Chiropractic Degree Work? Before applying for an online course to become a Doctor of Chiropractic you must first have a bachelor’s degree in a health related subject – one of the sciences is indeed a good choice as the bulk of the Doctoral degree is based on human sciences such as

Active Release Therapy Training: What is it?

Active Release Therapy Training

What is Active Release Therapy Training? Active Release Treatment or Therapy known also as ART is a process of treating the soft tissue system through a particular technique.  This treatment has been developed to specifically treat soft tissue injuries and is one of the most advanced and non-invasive treatments available.  It is mainly aimed at